• What is word processor?

    The application program that is enabling the process of text is called word processing program or simply word processor. It allows the user to enter, view, edit, manipulate, store and print text material

  • Use of Undo option

    Undo option allows to cancel or remove the last changes taken place in the document such as editing, formatting etc.

  • Use of Repeat option

    Repeat option allows to repeat the last changes that canceled by undo operation.

  • How Many cases are available in ms word

    Sentence case UPPERCASE lowercase Capitalize Each Word tOGGLE cASE

  • How Many Alignment available for Text

    Left Right Center Justify

  • What is Tab Setting

    Tab stops are used to write text in a tabular form. In ms word a tab stop is by default set at .05 inch. Once it is set you can go one tabstop to another by pressing the tab key.

  • How many ways you can Create table

    There are three way to create table By draw table option By insert option By design wizard

  • What is Hyperlink

    This option allows you to link a text or image from website, file, email or any bookmark by which you can quickly jump to a specific file or location.

  • What is Drop Caps

    A drop cap is a large letter that begins a paragraph and drops through several lines of text .There are two option for setting Drop Caps as following:
    (a)Dropped(b)n Margin

  • What is Watermarks

    Watermarks refer to very light text or graphics behind the text of a document. It is often used by companies to add the logo to documents

  • Explain Page Setup

    This command allows you to sets the margins, paper source, paper size, page orientation and layout options for the active file

  • What is Mail Merge

    Mail Merge is a useful tool that allows you to produce multiple letters, labels, envelopes, name tags, and more using information stored in a list, database, or spreadsheet

  • What Is The Difference Between Save And Save As?

    Use SAVE when you are revising an existing document.
    Use SAVE AS when you are creating a new document from scratch or an existing document. This will keep the original document untouched in its original format and create a new document with a new name.

  • What Is Macro?

    A series of keystrokes and mouse clicks that can be abbreviated into a single keystroke or mouse click.

  • What Is Clipboard?

     temporary storage location in Windows. The clipart will store one piece of information at a time when it is manually added to the clipart or is copied there.