CCC Online Test

Question : Main memory is

A. Volatile
B. Non-volatile
C. Volatile and nonvolatile
D. None of the above

A. Volatile


Question : A certain processor uses a fully associative cache of size 16 kB. The cache block size is 16 bytes. Assume that the main memory is byte addressable and uses a 32-bit address. How many bits are required for the Tag and the Index fields respectively in the addresses generated by the processor?

A. 24 bits and 0 bits
B. 28 bits and 4 bits
C. 24 bits and 4 bits
D. 28 bits and 0 bits

D. 28 bits and 0 bits


 Cache memory size = 16 kB

Block size = 16 B

Main memory address = 32 bit

Number of lines (N) 

Fully associative cache memory (N-way)

So, number of sets (S) 

 Address format: 

So, TAG = 28 bit

Index = 0 bit (No address)