Pivot tables are a useful and relatively simple way of computing, arranging, and displaying data to read and understand.

In the sample file there is a list of Invoice Numbers, four store names, five different book titles, and the total amount sold of a given title by a given store on a given date.

Step 1: Open LibreOffice Calc and create a new worksheet.

Step 2:Create your own data in which you want to perform Pivot.

Step 3: Select the first cell in your sheet of data.

Step 4: In the “Data” menu, select “Pivot Table” and choose “Create”

Step 5: You will get a screen like this one shown. Make sure “Current Selection” is chosen and click OK.

Step 6: A wild pivot table box appeared.

Step 7: Commons Employee used Mad Skills.

This is where you select what type of data is to appear in which part of the pivot table. This all depends on what type of data you want to view and how you want it to appear.

Step 8: It's super effective.

yahhh. You made a pivot table!

I recommend you to try placing the data types in different spots to show the results in different orders.

I hope this wasn't too difficult!